Hello All,

As some of you may be aware that my music is no longer available on Spotify, I have uploaded majority of my music to another site called Bandcamp. (https://mikeeylove.bandcamp.com). Go ahead and feel free to download the new track Too Many Bitches which is more of a dancepop track with over the top auto-tune (it’s still really funky in my opinion).

Take Care,



Breathe In Power, Breathe Out Love

Hi Everyone,

Over the two weeks I have been very busy in Scotland and recording with Tyler Sanity.
I feel really enlightened after recording one of my softer tracks for the upcoming album “Breathe In Power, Breathe Out Love”. I really can’t wait to complete this record because after I have released this record (which I’ve been writing over the year) I can open my very own website.

Just a little update,

Eternal Fox



Hi everyone,

The last week was mayhem sorting interviews and trying to get my music played on podcasts/Online radio but I succeeded with my first EP “DON’T LOOK BACK” (https://soundcloud.com/eternal-fox/sets/dont-look-back) and with a extra special little treat coming this weekend! Also in this week I have organised a feature for myself on somebody’s upcoming record (That’s all I can say) and i’m looking forward to do this!

Finally the announcement!


It’s going to be an emotional ride with the ups and downs, I even wrote a song about my closest friends Tyler Sanity & Jade SAE.

So watch this space!


Hi everyone,

This is a little update to tell you that my artist name has changed to Eternal Fox, I have also released a new EP exclusive download via Soundcloud only! (https://soundcloud.com/eternal-fox/sets/dont-look-back)

I hope you enjoy reflecting on my personal favorite songs that I’ve recorded!

Much Love,

Eternal Fox


Hi Everyone,

This is just mainly an update as well as a few thoughts that have came to my mind. Over the last few months whilst writing songs I have engaged in a variety of sounds trying to focus on a main original sound and after being introduced to Shamir Bailey’s music I have come to a realization, I can’t stick to a particular genre because it simply bores me. I have made many changes to my record “WARHOL WHORE” and decided to make it an EP!

Just a short update.

Take care,


I Don’t Care

Hi All,

Basically this blog has been “under-loved” since 2014 even though it was started in like November-ish time?

I have a really good reason…it’s because I don’t care! I’ve decided to be a bit more care-free since I was ill over XMAS (not that i’m better tbh) I am going to do the things which I really want to do like write songs, review bands/artists, write lyrics and talk about random shit…basically this is an update to the blog and I will work more on it!

Much Love,



Dear Diary,

This week would have to be my worst week this year. I was hospitalized after having a seizure when staying round a friends house. It was so freaking scary…it happened at 2AM and I was taken in an ambulance (the first time i’ve ever been in an ambulance!) They think it was due to an anxiety attack which cause hyperventilation and dehydration. I awoke with a drip in my arm, I was discharged at 7AM. ┬áChristmas came around and I still feel sick from that day…I still do…

I think I’m going to have a break from everything for a little just while I recover properly.

Much Love,